Policies and Procedures

Building Regulations

Protection of Community Trails and footpaths:

Proposed development or the use of the public right of way for access to private property, shall not be permitted where it would block or prevent the use of traditional footpaths, whether on private or public property by pedestrians. New development may be required to provide a separation buffer between the proposed development and existing trail, pathway, or public right of way.

Landscaping and Screening:

Right of Entry:

Council or other person or persons authorized by the municipality may enter upon any public or private land and may at all reasonable times enter any development or building for the purpose of making surveys or examinations or obtaining information relative to the carrying out of any development, construction, alteration, repair, or any other works whatsoever which the Council is empowered to regulate.

Stop Work Order and prosecution:

Bed and Breakfast Establishments:

A "bed and breakfast" Establishment in a single residential dwelling and where permitted shall be subject to the following conditions:

Fishing and Marine Uses:

Fishing and marine uses may be permitted provided they are located adjacent to the shoreline in the Town, at the discretion of the Council. An associated building shall not exceed 80 square meters and not have a height of more than 7 m.

Accessory Building:

Must be located a minimum of 1.2 meters from any property boundary, unless otherwise approved by the council.

Travel Trailers within Town Limits:

After this two-year period, it cannot be used as a dwelling.

Council Matters


There will be NO smoking in any Municipal Building.

NO smoking is permitted in park areas where children play.

NO smoking in Park Buildings.

NO smoking in Heritage Center. 


The following Donations will be made each year:

Santa Clause Parade __________________________________________________________$100.00

Recreation Committee for Canada Day _______________________________________$100.00

Point Leamington Academy Awards Ceremony  ______________________________$150.00

Point Leamington Graduating Class __________________________________________$25.00 

All Charities ___________________________________________________________________$25.00


Town Hall -------------------------------Corporations:-------------------------------------------$100.00

New building at Ocean View Park -------------------------------------------------------------$100.00 per day, $250.00 for 3 day weekend.

Old building at Ocean View Park ---------------------------------------------------------------$100.00 per day, $250.00 for 3 day weekend.

There will be a damage deposit required for 50% of the cost of the rental, which will be refunded after the event if no damage is incurred. 

There will be a cancellation fee of $100.00 when booking the building, if you cancel your booking up to 30 days before your booked event, your fee will be refunded.

Large party tent in Ocean View Park green space (over 1680 sq ft)----------------$100.00

Small party tent in Ocean View Park green space (under 1680 sq ft)--------------$60.00

Clean Up Week:

Clean-up week will take place twice a year for one week decided by Council;

The town will not be responsible for trees.

No renovation material will be accepted during clean-up week. The homeowner is responsible for transporting those items to the dump site.

Other than the dates designated for clean-up week, homeowners are not permitted to leave disposed items near the garbage box for the maintenance man to pick up. It will not get picked up until clean-up week.

There is a 7- bag limit for weekly garbage pick-up, any more than that will be left for the next week.


The Town Clerk, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, or councilor with signing rights, must sign all cheques written by the town.

Anyone purchasing items on behalf of the town must obtain a PO number from the town clerk first.

All bank deposits will be made every Friday.

The Town clerk/Manager is authorized to spend up to $500.00 without approval from Council for necessary items.

All bills to be paid are to be brought to Council meetings and motioned.

Leading Tickles Day:

All proceeds will go directly to Leading Tickles Fire Dept. There will be no fee to enter the park on this day and no rental fee for the park buildings.

An employee required to work the Saturday will be entitled to a day off with pay.


Any member of the council/employee required to attend functions will be paid for the cost of transportation and meals as per Provincial Government Rate.


The following holidays are approved by Council to be granted to each Town employee:


All overtime must be documented and taken as time off and not paid out.


Remuneration will be paid quarterly.

Mayor and Council members will receive $50.00 per regular public meeting attended.

Sick/Family Responsibility Leave

Return to work following sick leave

An employee must provide a written Doctor's note clearing them safe to return to work and must inform the Town Clerk and Mayor of his/her intention to do so, along with a return to work date.

Water & Sewer


Interpretation in these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires:

a. "Act" means the Municipalities Act 1999.

b. "Council" means the Town of Leading Tickles.

c. "Customer" means any person, firm, or corporation that contracts with Council to be connected to the water and sewage system.

d. "Municipality" means the Town of LEADING TICKLES.

e. "Service" means water supply and/or sewage disposal system of LEADING TICKLES.

f. "System" means water supply and/or sewage disposal system of the Town of LEADING TICKLES.

g. "Inspector" means any person appointed or employed by Council.

h. "Domestic Service" means the type of service supplied to the owner or his authorized agent or to the occupant or tenant of any space or area occupied for the distinct purpose of a dwelling house, rooming house, apartment, or flat.

i. "Commercial Service" means any service, other than domestic service herein defined.

j. "Taxes" means any Property Tax or Water and Sewage Tax or Business Tax.

3.a. Service lines for water supply shall be a minimum of 19 mm (3/4 in) approved pipe for a single residential unit or such greater size as may be approved by Council for multiple residential units and commercial or institutional buildings.

b. Service lines for water supply shall be installed at a minimum underground depth of 1.5 m (5 ft).

4.a. Service lines for sewage disposal shall be 160mm (4in) P.V.C. or equivalent for a single residential unit or such greater size as may be approved by Council for multiple residential, commercial, or institutional units and buildings.

b. Service lines for sewage disposal shall be installed at t minimum unde5rground depth of 1.5 m (5 ft)

5. There shall be only one service line for water supply and only one service line for sewage disposal to each building.

6.a. Service lines from the service main to the property may be installed by Council or owner's contractor, which cost shall be paid by the customer upon completion where the installation is not funded by a Government Capital Works Project. Any rates for Council work will be at cost.

b. Service lines installed by the customer or his/her representative shall be subject to inspection by council or persons appointed by Council prior to backfilling.

c. Council will provide free of cost:

d. The owner will be responsible for all maintenance cost inside the Councils agreed area.

7. No customer shall have his property connected to the system where such a customer is in arrears of taxes payable to Council.

8. No person, except an employee of Council or other representative engaged by Council for that purpose shall connect service lines to the system.

9.a. Council and/or their representatives shall have, in accordance with the Municipalities Act, access to all property for the purpose of inspection, repair, removing of service, shit off of service, and reading of meters at any reasonable time of the day.

b. Council will maintain the right to shut down any portion of its water and sewage system for emergency repairs, and will not be held liable for loss of service or damages to any of its customers.

c. Notice of any planned shutdown of service will be given where possible. Notice will consist of a written notice in local stores/post office, as well as, social media where possible.

10. Frozen Water and Sewage Lines:

a.  If water and sewage lines freeze at the curb stop, the Town will be responsible for all costs.

if a problem occurs elsewhere on any service line between the curb stop and the property, it shall be repaired at the owner's expense.

b. Unless prior written consent of the Council is obtained, no customer will be compensated for work, materials, or labour, while thawing frozen water or sewage service on their own behalf.

c. Use of Non-approved Thawing Equipment

In accordance with Provincial Regulations, Council forbids the thawing of water services by the use of welding machines or other electrical devices that are not designed for the sole purpose of thawing water pipes.

d. Liability for use of Non-approved Thawing Equipment

The Town of Leading Tickles, its offices, employees, or agents will neither approve nor be held liable at any time for actions of persons or customers using any non-approved thawing equipment or method of thawing on Town Service Lines.

11. Location of Curb Stops

Council will maintain the right to determine the location of all curb stops where property lines are to be determined.

12. Use of Water

No person shall indiscriminately use water in a manner that would be considered wastage or unreasonable use of water.

13. Protection of Water and Sewage Systems and the Environment

No customer shall dispose of any chemical or hazardous materials by the use of a service line that will endanger the effectiveness of the system or damage it or the environment upon discharge of same.

14. Access to System

No person, unless authorized by the council, shall draw water from, open, close, cut, break, obstruct from access to, or in any way interfere with any hydrant, water main, water supply pipe, curb stop, meter, or any part of the system except that nothing outlined in these regulations shall be deemed to prevent a member of a Fire department when engaged in work of such Department, from using any hydrant or part of the system necessary for controlling and preventing fires and use thereof for training purposes.

15. Payment for Supply of Water and/or Sewage Services

a. Invoices for water and sewage tax shall be rendered at regular intervals and shall be due and payable on the date rendered or on a date as from time to time may be set by Council.

b. Water and/or sewage services may be discontinued with a 24-hour notice to any customer whose invoice for water and sewage tax remains unpaid for a period of 60 days after the due date shown on the invoice.

c. If services are discontinued for nonpayment of water and sewage or other applicable taxes, the customer will be liable to a disconnection charge which may be set and adjusted from time to time by Minutes of Council plus full payment of all outstanding taxes.

16. a. No person shall indiscriminately use water

No person shall provide water to a house, apartment, or commercial building. etc., whose main water supply is disconnected for non-payment of taxes.

b. Any water service provided, other than outlined in these regulations, requires prior approval from the council, in writing.

17. No person, unless authorized by the council, shall draw water from; open, close, cut, break, obstruct from free access to, or in any way damage or interfere with any hydrant, watermain, water supply pipe, stop cock, meter, or any other part of the system. Nothing contained in these regulations shall be deemed to prevent a member of a Fire Department. When engaged in work for such department, from using any hydrant or other part of the service.

18. A property owner who is installing  a new water and/or sewer service line or makes a request to have his/her water service either turned-on or turned-off will be charged the following applicable fees:

 $200.00 for water

$200.00 for Sewer

The penalty for non-compliance to this regulation shall be Pursuant to Section 420 of the Act which states:

A person who:

All repairs to water/sewer must be compliant with workplace health and safety Regulation.

Water and Sewage Tax

Section 130 of the municipalities act:

A council of a municipality served by a water system, sewage system, or a water and sewage system shall impose upon the owner of real property located inside or outside the municipality that is connected or is capable of being serviced by that system, a tax, to be known as the water and sewage tax.

Method of taxation

1) Where a real property tax is imposed in a municipality, the water and sewage tax shall, for residential and commercial buildings or property on whcih there is no building, be set as a 

a) fixed amount in addition to the mill rate that may be determined by the council

b) mill rate that may be determined by the council; or

c) fixed amount or metered rate,

and the amount or rate of tax may differ in respect of residential and commercial buildings, and different classes of residential buildings and commercial buildings.

All properties that have a water and sewer service hookup will be billed for that service regardless of whether or not that property is vacant.

Rental Properties

All rental properties

Property owners who rent out apartments will be charged per number of months the apartment is rented at a rate of $33.48 per month or 401.76 a year.

Combining Properties

Effective December 6, 2018, there will be no more combining of properties.  Any owner who purchases adjoining property will be charged full property tax for that property along with water/sewer.

Private Sewer Regulations

a) construct a private sewage disposal system except in accordance with a written permit from the council.

a) Be constructed, located and maintained in a manner which is acceptable to the Department of Government Service and Lands where the capacity is up to 4500 liters per day; or

b) Be constructed, located, and maintained in a manner which is acceptable to the Department of Government Service and Lands where the capacity is in excess of 4500 liters per day.

These Regulations were adopted by Council at a meeting held on the 3rd day of October, 2018.

All previously adopted private sewage regulations for the Town of Leading Tickles on October 3rd, 2018 are hereby rescinded. 


All building & renovation permits must be approved by the Council/Maintenance before any of the following work is undertaken. Be sure to get your permit ahead of time so there is no delay in your construction.

Building Permits/Regulations for 


Price for permits for  industrial/commercial buildings:

$2.50 per $1000.00

Any Industrial/Commercial buildings have to adhere to permits approved by the Council/Maintenance before any of the following work is undertaken.  Be sure to get your permit ahead of time so there is no delay in your construction.